Being introduced to Hillary has been life-changing for me. Since her recommendations to me for food alternatives and various supplements, my eating habits and health have improved dramatically. Because of these changes, I went from being sick at least 8 times a year to being sick one time in the 18 months since I first met with her. My stomach issues have also improved drastically. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Alice (Service: Individual Nutrition Counseling)
Hillary is my trusted nutritionist. She is up to date on all the latest health news and finds a way to personalize an individual plan just for you! Professional and enthusiastic, Hillary has brought a new sparkle to my constant search for an improved healthy lifestyle.
— Liz (Service: Individual Nutritional Counseling)
We had such a positive experience working with Hillary!! My two daughters, ages 12 and 10 truly enjoyed their time with her. She is personable, knowledgeable and professional. She came equipped with different strategies and even brought her own foods to help my daughters try new things. My goal was to educate them on ways to get healthy and to encourage them to try new things. Hillary was able to do so on their level and created a fun environment for them.
— Leora (Service: Group Nutrition Counseling)
Hillary is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. I have always been a picky eater, and my snack/meal choices were often making me feel sick. With Hillary’s expertise and patience, I am now able to make healthier choices which work for me! Working with Hillary has improved my quality of life drastically.
— Corrie (Service: Individual Nutrition Counseling)
Because of Hillary’s knowledge and expertise, she changed my way of eating for the better! She opened my eyes to a new variety of foods I never would have tried. And she gave me great recipes too!
— Judi (Service: Individual Nutritional Counseling)
Hillary’s visit to my second grade classroom was not only an educational experience, but was also engaging and fun! She taught the students about the nutrients they needed and made delicious rainbow tacos with the students. I loved watching my students discover new vegetables and hear them asking for the recipe so they could make them at home with their parents!
— Mrs. C, Elementary School Teacher (Service: School Nutrition Lessons)